American Divas

Band American Divas mit drei schwarzen Frauen in schwarz gekleidet, alle tragen große Ohrringe, die Haare wehen im Wind
Three beautiful women - three extraordinary voices

When Natascha Wright approached singers such as Pamela O’Neil, Theresa Burnette and Vanda G. with her idea, everyone wanted to be involved straight away. AMERICAN DIVAS was always intended as a project for three singers and a solution was quickly found: since each of the artists also has a lot of solo and studio dates, the line-up changes depending on availability without losing quality.

An excerpt from the repertoire of the AMERICAN DIVAS reads like the life motto of the extraordinary singers could:

She works hard for the money – I am what I am – Simply the best – We are family – What’s love got to do with it – I’m so excited – I will survive

The artists have come together to enhance what they have been doing very successfully on their own for years, now together in a glamorous stage show.

And “that’s what the AMERICAN DIVAS are for”: a fireworks display of music, a stage show that is unparalleled in terms of brilliance, skill and style.

Natasha Wright

Born in The Hague (NL) to a South American mother and a Dutch father, she knew from childhood what she wanted to be: a singer! She therefore took part in numerous talent competitions.

At 18, Natascha went to the “Academy for light Music” (AVLM) in Hilversum Holland, where her voice received the final polish.

From 1994 she accompanied HADDAWAY as a support singer on his “What is love” world tour and D.J. BOBO on his tours. For the top ten hits “Freedom” and “Love is the price” by D.J. As a studio singer, she even received gold records in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland.

At the beginning of 2000, producer Frank Farian (Boney M, No Mercy, Millie Vanilli) became aware of her and signed her to the pop group “La Bouche”.

NATASCHA WRIGHT is currently concentrating on her solo career and is working on her first album, which is scheduled to be released in 2003.

The South American beauty’s glamorous show takes you on a musical journey. Natascha interprets timeless classics, plays with Latin American influences and then sweeps you off your feet with current hits. Natascha Wright not only impresses with her seductively warm charisma, but also enchants her audience with her expressive voice.

It’s rare to find an artist who combines all the components… Ladies and Gentleman get ready to be mesmerized by NATASCHA WRIGHT.



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