drei Männer, einer ist scharf zu sehen, die anderen unscharf
Strong German lyrics, live feeling, power and groove

Two years have passed again – two years full of live concerts, unplugged sessions, songwriting and studio work to further advance the 7Faces workshop. 7Faces, i.e. the child, the son, the brother, the lover, the friend, the crazy and the singer, went on journeys together to show the world their ever-growing family and to share what they have with more and more people musically drives. 7Faces – these are Faiz Mangat, Sylus and Stefan Lenkeit – a band of musicians formed years ago around these 3 artists, all united by the same passion – namely the love of music with soul!

“We wrote the songs with guitar, piano and voice – everything that came with it was just more fun,” remembers Faiz Mangat at the beginning. “I got to know an incredible number of very good and talented musicians. The main criterion for the 7Faces was understanding each other. The transformation of an idea into a really good song. After recording the first three songs, it was clear that this would never be the work of one individual. A band with the character of a productive workshop fits much better with the music we want to make and live.”

While the first album, “The recurring sufferings of young Tim W. Lötze,” was still characterized by this claim to focus on the music itself, free from commercial considerations, the new album, which is about to be completed, represents the consistent maturation process of the 7Faces workshop. “Alles gut”, the name is feeling, because the three are sure that the playful use of language and musical styles on the first album was more than worth it. While there were still endless paths there, the three now feel freer than ever and have arrived:

Strong German lyrics, live feeling, power and groove, without losing the melody, that’s how the 7Faces come across – even closer to their live feeling that inspires so many. Soul’n Roll!

The management of the “Fantastic 4” also recognized this musical potential and included 7Faces with their version of the Fanta 4 title “Sommerregen” on the album “A Tribute to: Die Fantastischen 4”, which was released on August 7th, 2009. The sensation: the album immediately went to the “fantastic” number 4 (how could it be otherwise) in the charts!

A musical biography – this is the motto of the 7Faces songs.


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