Band CCR, Männer stehen in einer Reihe in dunkler Kleidung vor einem weißen Hintergrund
"Proud Mary" oder "Down on the corner" sind nur einige ihrer zahlreichen Hits

Doug „Cosmo“ Clifford
Ringo,Charlie, Moonie, Bonzo… There are but a handful of drummers in the Rock world who can be identified by merely uttering one name… Cosmo is truly a member of this elite club. For well over thirty years, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Doug „Cosmo“ Clifford has been laying it down deep, fat, and swinging. Along with his best pal and rhythmic partner, Stu Cook, Cosmo has provided the groove for all the great tracks that CCR recorded in the 60’s and 70’s and is soon to be bringing the big beat to a town near you. One of the few genuine nice guys in the Biz, Cosmo will take time from a hectic schedule to chat with fans, pose for pictures, and usually he doesn’t leave the show until the last autograph is signed, the last fan satisfied.

Elliot Easton
Raconteur, bon vivant, sartorial dandy, connoisseur of fine pasta bolognese the world over, purveyor of hi & lo-fi tiki culture, Elliot is all this and more. Regarding his work with Revisited, Easton says, „My deep, spiritual love for folk, blues, soul, excello swamp-rock, rockabilly, San Francisco psychedelia, and Bakersfield chicken-pickin‘ country, places me in a unique position to not merely parrot the original versions, but perhaps add something of my own to the proceedings. Come and enjoy the extended extrapolations on such prime evergreens as Susie Q, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, and Run Through the Jungle.“ Om Tat Sat…Zut Alors.

Stu Cook
Stu Cook, who along with his best pal Doug „Cosmo“ Clifford, has provided the underpinning for some of the classic American Rock ‘n’ Roll of the last thirty-odd (and we do mean odd) years, is one of a small handful of electric bassists who have helped define the genre, truly deserving of the legend status that his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suggests. Besides keeping the flame burning for CCR, Stu was also a member of the country-rock group, Southern Pacific, and along with Cosmo, nailed down the groove for the acclaimed Don Harrison Band. About the current state of affairs Stu says, „it’s all good, baby.“

Steve Gunner
Steve Gunner has been on the LA music scene since 1982, having spent 4 years prior living and playing in the deep South. Another 4 years previous were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area. „I have always doubled on guitar and keyboards in every band I’ve been in“, says Gunner. „Singing too. I bring a lot to the party.“ Appearances on The Tonight Show and Solid Gold with artists like Belinda Carlisle and Dion led to studio work in Hollywood, including composing and performing for Fox Television. If you ever hear the cry, „where’s Gunner?“, you’re probably in the same airport as Revisited.

John Tristao
Big shoes, big hands, big voice…what can one say? You do the math—the little girls understand. Older rock fans and music historians will remember John from his late ’60’s stint with the band „People“ whose hit I Love You reached the top-ten nationally. A talented drummer, singer, and actor, John has appeared in many commercials, films and TV shows, including „Bombs Away“ with Pat McCormick, and the „Twin Peaks“ pilot. Asked about his feelings about any comparisons with the old singer, John looks down at his shoes for a moment, then with a big grin says, „When I works, I works hard.“


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  • Proud Mary
  • Down on the Corner
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