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Viktor Lazlo
Born in France, her parents originating from Martinique and Grenada, growing up in Belgium, VIKTOR LAZLO has been at the cultural crossroads all her life.

Raised in English and French at home, at the European school she attended, she learned Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish. Attracted to the performing arts since her childhood, she learned the violin and followed dance classes. While going to the university to study history of the arts, she was drawn into the Brussels music scene and started to sing with various groups just for the fun of it.

After a brief spell as a model, her musical career really got going when Alain Chamfort picked the unknown Viktor to sing the title song he had composed for a French movie ''Backdoor Man''. Then she met a Belgian producer in a club and they started working on her debut album ''She'', released in 1985, established her as a much sought-after star. The classy blend of Latin, pop, soul and jazz was shown to perfection on her first hit ''Sweet, Soft and Lazy'', which gained worldwide attention.

Her husky, seductive voice, stunning attractiveness and inimitable musical personality brought her success right from the start, especially in such territories as the Far East, Japan, Continental Europe and Canada.

She developed her unique style on subsequent albums : ''Viktor Lazlo'' (1987), ''Hot And Soul'' (1989) and ''My Delicious Poisons'' (1991).

On those records she collaborated with a very varied - to say the least - bunch of composers and musicians : Chris Rea, the Count Basie Orchestra, James Ingram, Stephan Waggershausen, Johnny Griffin, Bernard Lavilliers, Toots Thielemans.

In 1987, she presented the Eurovision Song Contest and was considered the winner by many ...

1988 was a very important year as her son Maxime was born. Still she managed to combine motherhood and professional life. During 5 years she spent a lot of time time on the road, promoting her records and touring extensively all over Europe, Canada, Japan and South East Asia. When the promotion and the tour around the release of ''My delicious poisons'' ended, Viktor wanted to branch out in other directions.

In 1990, she had already made her acting debut in ''Signe de Feu'', directed by Italian Nino Bizarri, and in the comedy ''Boom Boom'', by Spanish director Rosa Verges. Over the next years, the music took a step back.

She starred also in an episode of ''Commissaire Moulin'', a very popular french TV series. In 1994 she shot a film in Tahiti with French stars Gerard Jugnot and Jean-Marc Barr: ''Les Faussaires''.

In 1995, she appeared in the successful French tv-series ''Sandra, princess rebelle'' which aired on TF1. She played a part in a German tv-movie (in German !) ''Unser Mann''. And to finish the year, she played in 2 more French films : ''Tous pour un'' and ''Mardi, 15 heures, hôtel Vanneau''.

However, the music is finally claimed its rightful place back. A tour in Germany with Maggie Reilly and Juliane Werding made Viktor realise that she missed music very much.

So, if for the past few years Viktor had been concentrating on filmwork, the urge to sing and go on tour became very strong again since the direct contact with the audience has always been a powerful motivation.

Her CD ''Back to front'' was recorded at Compass Point in Nassau (with Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare, plus Bernie Worrell as the rhythm section) produced by Eric Clermontet, a French producer with an impeccable track record. With musicians of that calibre, it is clear that rhythm and groove are very important elements of the new songs. But Viktor would not be Viktor if the lyrics were not about love in all its aspects . Songs have been provided by a.o. Albert Hammond or made in collaboration with Andre Manoukian and Art Mengo, with Viktor writing a lot of the lyrics .

During 1997, Viktor has been a regular in the Saturday night TV-show ''La fureur …'' for french TV. She also recorded 2 songs for the German TV series ''Der König von St Pauli'', and ''Besame Mucho'' for a German film.

Spring 1999 she released a duet with Biagio Antonacci ''Message'', which became gold in Belgium and was breaking in France.

Later that year, as well as during a part of 2000, Viktor used another of her talents, and made her debut theaterwise in Paris in play entitled ''Hotel des deux mondes'' written by Eric Emannuel Schmitt, and directed by Marcel Roussel. The play was the event of that theaterseason in Paris with Viktor in a leading role. For which she got very good reviews in the French- and international press (Herald Tribune, Variety).

Since than, Viktor has been working on 2 records simultaneously. One is the soundtrack of her show entitled ''Loin de Paname'' which opened on Oct 1st 2002 in Paris for 2 consecutive months in Théatre de Ménilmontant. The show is based on pre WW-II songs, performed live with Cuban musicians. Polydor France released the soundtrack in the meantime. The rest of Europe followed 2003, the moment the show will start to tour.

The second record (''Amour''), was released in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria) in October 2002. Followed by Japan early 2003.

To be continued ….

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