Band Bananarama vor schwarz-lila Hintergrund, eine Dame sitzt breitbeinig auf dem Stuhl die andere lehnt sich an der Wand an
Ihr erster Charterfolg war "It ain't what you do"

Pop music in Britain would have been unthinkable these past ten years without the sight and sound of BANANARAMA, a group who have literally dominated the charts since their inception in the early 80´s.

BANANARAMA are Britain’s most successful all girl group ever. With 26 hit singles and 6 chart bound LP´s to their credit, they have also brought to pop music a much needed sense of unpretentious fun that has endeared them to millions.

Yet in 1983 such feats must have been well removed from the collective thoughts of Sara Dallin, Keren Woodward and Siobhan Fahey. Back in those days, Keren was to be found working for the HOC whilst Sara and Siobhan marked time at the London College of Fashion where they studied journalism.

The girls decided to spend their nights climbing up on stages in London clubs and singing live to backing tapes. Bruce Springsteen was just one of the many celebrities to see and be impressed by their act at this time.

This live work led to a recording session which produced the girls spirited version of “Alo A Mwana” which, in turn, gathered the group a lot of press, most notably in the Face where Terry Hail of the Fun Boy Three spotted the trio and asked them to work with his group.

The result was the girls first chart placing (4) with “It Ain´t What You Do” (It’s The Way That You Do It). “The Fun Boy Three liked us” Keren once explained, “because we were so unpompous” and there perhaps lays the secret to the girl’s appeal.

Certainly the British public took to the outfit like the proverbial duck to water and the group happily responded with a string of hits: “Really Saving Something”, “Shy Boy”, their first collaboration with producers Jolley and Swain. ”Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, “Cruel Summer”, “Robert de Niro´s Waiting”, which led to a memorable meeting with the actor, and “Cheers Then”, convinced the girls of their popularity and gave them a growing musical confidence.

This was more than evident on the three LP´s – “Deep Sea Skiving”, “Bananarama” and “True Confessions” – that the girls issued to both chart and critical acclaim, but by now, 1986, a new sound was needed. In came the highly successful trio of Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Their first collaboration a cover of Shocking Blue’s “Venus”, became their first American number one as well as hitting the top spot In Mexico, Switzerland, ltaly, New Zealand and Australia, World recognition was theirs and the girls celebrated by releasing their fourth LP “Wow” which spawned such pop classics as “Love In The First Degree” and the immortal “I Heard A Rumour” no. 4 in the U.S. (Cruel Summer also U.S. top 10).

In 1988, Siobhan Fahey, now married to Dave Stewart and mother to boot, decided to quit the group and the girls quickly drafted in a longtime friend, Jacquie O´Sullivan, ex of The Shileiagh Sisters, a choice that even the departing Fahey felt was the correct one. Later that year. they released their triple platinum album “Bananarama Greatest Hits Collection” and at the same time, as the IF charted all around the world, they entered the Guinness Book Of Records as Britain’s most successful ever all girl group. Cleverly, the girls had also carved out another facet to their wide appeal by devising a series of videos that were both outlandish and hugely funny as they gleefully cavorted on screen with a bevy of male dancers. This was a visual stamp that was then translated to the stage for the girl’s first ever tour the following year.

Touching down in America, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and the UK the tour was a wild success and the perfect answer to the girl’s critics who doubted their talent and stamina.

Another highlight was their linking up with Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Kathy Burke, their “doubles” to record a fresh and witty version of the Beatle’s “Help”, with all the proceeds going to the comic relief fund.

In 1990, aware as ever of change, Sara collaborated with guitarist Andy Caine to write the songs for the new album, and the girls started recording sessions with Youth, ex of Killing Joke, who has become nationally renowned for his fusion of dance music with an indie rock feel. A radical change, it didn’t stop “Only Your Love” giving the girls their 23rd hitsingle. A critically claimed LP, “Pop Life” followed tradition by spawning two more hits, “Long Train Running” and “Preacher Man” becoming the girls sixth album.

In November 1991, the two original members, Sara and Keren, parted company with the newest member of Jacquie, and decided that they would like to continue as a duo.

During 1993 once again, BANANARAMA had a fresh look and completed recording their seventh album, which marked the girls ten years in the music industry. The album was produced by Mike Stock and Pete Waterman. The first single “Movin On” was released in August on London Records, and was recorded in English and Spanish!

1995 sees the release of their 8th album “Ultra Violet”, written by Sara andKeren, with Gary Miller, a successful Euro-dance producer. With “EveryShade Of Blue” their first single release from it. The album will be available in Japan


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