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George McCrae
The “King” and the “Acknowledged Leader” of the soul revolution, George McCrae's talents go much deeper than a temporary success, one time superstar. His unique style, his universal appeal and his devotion to perfection have placed him in the position of continuing popularity in over 82 countries for two decades. Talent has taken this popular performer on three world tours with critics raving at every performance and audiences screaming for more.

Since his smash hit Rock Your Baby rocketed to fame in 1974, George has set the music world on fire with hit after hit. Two platinum singles, two platinum LP's, 14 gold records and top music awards from all over the globe, have attested to this amazing vocalist's popularity and talent. George received the coveted "Luxembourg Golden Lion Award” for Outstanding Achievement by a Foreign Artist in Germany. Frank Sinatra is the only other U.S.A. recipient of this award. George was a 1974 nominee for Best Male R & B Vocalist at the prestigious National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The power of a super hit record to create international stardom for a new artist has never been more evident than in the case of George McCrae.

George McCrae, the innovator, spearheaded the "Miami Sound" which became the nation's disco taste and the record that set the standard for every other pop recording artist to follow was Rock Your Baby. Certainly, the record of 1974 around the world, that one song sold in excess of 80 million copies, making it one of the biggest selling pop records in history. Voted the "No. 1 Single of the Year" by Rolling Stone Magazine, Record World, Britain’s Cash Box and the Dutch Music Poll, Rock Your Baby was a number one hit in over 82 countries.

Born the second oldest of nine children on October 19, 1944 in West Palm Beach, Florida and the son of a retired policeman, George McCrae had his first singing experience in church at the age of six. As a teenager, he sang with the Roosevelt High School Glee Club and eventually formed his own group, the Jivin' Jets, before joining the U.S. Navy in 1963. Back on civic street four years later, George sang in clubs and lounges around Florida. After seven years of modest musical success and a couple of records, he enrolled in college to study law enforcement. Music was still on his mind and he decided to record Rock Your Baby as one last shot. It hit the charts like a tidal wave.

The man who zoomed to the top with his simple, sexy, hypnotic rendition knows that one hit, no matter how tremendous, is not the sole basis for a career. Hot on the heels of this phenomenal hit, I Can't Leave You Alone and You Can Have It All sustained George's spot at the top of the international pop charts. No longer categorized as just an R & B act, George continues to break his records successfully with audiences in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and other countries before they ever cross over to hit the R&B (dance) and Pop charts in America.

His second hit album, George McCrae, sustained his prominence with blockbusters such as It's Been So Long and I Ain't Lyin’. Again, in 1979, on the crest of his popular LP We Did It, George toured Europe and the Middle East. Other chart smashes include Sing a Happy Song and Honey I. In 1984, George was back on the music scene with a new sound. His LP One Step Closer and single of the same name reached the number one position on the contemporary charts in Canada and top 75 charts in England and Holland.

In 1984, George was back on the music scene with a new sound, from his new LP "One Step Closer" and single of the same name reached the no.1 position contemporary charts in Canada and top 75 charts in England and Holland.

The ball started to roll again, in 1987, George re-recorded "Rock Your Baby" and instantly, he was back in the European dance charts.

Now it all happens again. George has been co-writing and co-producing new music, a platinum sound - the "McCrae sound" the sound that the fans have been begging for - smooth -soulful - sensational. New songs, new records, new sound, with just enough of the original magic to guarantee George McCrae another decade of worldwide stardom.

George McCrae's CD, LP, "With All My Heart" was released in July 1991, on Magnif /Dino label, Germany. The first single, "Breathless", top 20 dance charts, Europe. In 1994, he did it again with his latest CD, "Do something" in which the title single went top ten in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

Now it is all happening again. George has been writing and producing new music with producer/songwriter Kevin Misevis, with a silky platinum sound, the “McCrae” sound, the sound that the fans have been begging for smooth, soulful and sensational. New songs and new sound, with just enough of George’s original magic, will guarantee George another decade of worldwide stardom.

On July 4, 2002, Castle Mountain Music Ltd. released George’s new CD and cassette, America Red White and Blue, which is available at georgemccraeamerica.com and castlemountainmusicltd.com. America Red White and Blue is not available in stores and will prove to be another super smash hit for George through television, internet promotions and performances.

In 2005 George McCrae went back to America to write, record and produce some songs with his long time friend and producer of his biggest hit “Rock Your Baby”, Rick Finch. These songs will be on his next album.

2010 is no exception his new CD “Time for Change” is proving to he another hit maker, in which two of the singles from this CD, “It Been So Long” and “Queen of Clubs” climb in the top 20 music charts in German.

George McCrae is alive and well. He enjoys family time with his beautiful Dutch wife Yvonne and their children.

He has toured in Europe with bands and groups such as James Brown, The Jackson, Chic, Stylistics, Steppin Wolf, The Rubettes, Sweet, Suzy Quatro, Chris Andrews, Dave Dee, Bonny M, Daniel Boone, Gloria Gaynor and Harpo just to mention a few.

When George is not touring, recording or performing, he spends his time at home in West Palm Beach, Florida, Holland and Aruba. George McCrae! "The King of Disco Soul Dance Music". Yes! George McCrae does it again. " The Disco Pioneer", "The King Of Disco Soul Dance Music" .

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