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Gazebo whose real name is Paul Mazzolini was born in Beyrouth on February 18th 1960.

He was brought up travelling around the world with his parents, gathering from different cultures.

His father, Francesco, was an old fashion italian diplomatic and taught Paul five of the eight languages he knew.

His mother, Sonia, was a singer and gave him her inner talent for music.

Paul settled down in Italy in 1975, got his graduation three years later and went off to London where he put up various bands and decided to make music for a living.

Back in Rome in 1981 he meets Paolo Micioni, a DJ who decides to produce him. His first single is "Masterpiece" and the 12" version becomes rapidly a big hit in the European and Asian dance scenes.

In 1983 Paul signes with Baby Records and releases his first album called "Gazebo". Included is a song that is going to be a smash hit wordwide selling more than ten million singles : the song is called "I like Chopin", it reaches the first position in the charts of many countries including : Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Hong-Kong, Korea, Singapour, Turkey and tops ten in many other countries including U.K.

The second album "Telephone Mama" is released in 1984 and though the style of the songs is drammatically different from the first album it is a best seller in most of the territories were it is released.

1985 is quite an unlucky year as Paul has to join the army and this pause forces him to rebuild his carreer on a different and stronger basis not willing to depend on the moods of the commercial chart markets. He puts up Lunatic S.r.l - his own company. Since, Lunatic's destiny has been very close to Paul's in fact it starts up with a recording complex pushing Paul to start producing other projects.

The same year he releases "Univision" the first album of the new era completely owned by Lunatic.

1988 "Rainbow Tales" the first album recorded at the Lunatic complex is also the first step in Paul's new musical direction, a link towards his musical origins in the progressive pop scene of the seventies.

1989 "Sweet Life" is the first album entirely written, produced and engineered by Paul himself, this album includes a special version of a song Paul had co-wrote for Ryan Paris and that became at the time a smash hit worldwide: "Dolce Vita".

1990 is the birth date of another company called "Cresus Enterprises S.n.c" Paul puts up. The company's goals is to integrate Lunatic by developing the publishing and the distribution of the products in Italy.

The label "Lunatic Records" gets officially distributed by BMG Ariola.

1991 With schoolmate Gustavo Romagna Manoja he produces "First" a project by a group they call "The Tycoons".

The same year he produces "Summit" by Dino Kappa.

In 1992 Lunatic Records releases "Scenes from the news Broadcast". Which is up to now his last official album.

The same year he produces "A Choir in Heaven" by Kammerton.

First production with Ardit Gjebrea, the song "Jon" wins the Tirana Song Festival in a crucial political moment for Albania. The song becomes an anthem for the suffering Albanians bound to leave their county in search of basics for survivor.

1994 "Portrait" - a compilation album with all his hits.

1996 Paul produces "Projekt Jon" one of his favourite albums ever.

1997 From the merging of Lunatic S.r.l and Cresus Enterprises S.n.c Paul puts up Softworks Snc, a new company with a big catalog, a great structure and so much enthusiasm !

The same year he produces "Viewpoint" a compilation album with songs which have never been released or created as singles but have a special meaning in his "viewpoint".

2000 Softworks' SWR releases "Portrait & Viewpoint" a double CD with all the essentials.

Of course he's been involved in numerous projects and productions during the nineties and still is working as a producer, arranger, song writer and studio manager.

His last work is "Jakujam" by Ardit Gjebrea soon to be released.

2004 looks promising in terms of new ideas (including a new album) and a lot of live events.

Stay tuned !

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